Fee Structure    

Term wise for six terms
Campus Term-1 Term-2 Term-3 Term-4 Term-5 Term-6
Harihar र 1,40,000 र 1,25,000 र 1,25,000 र 1,25,000 र 1,25,000 र 1,10,000
Pune र 1,45,000 र 1,30,000 र 1,30,000 र 1,30,000 र 1,30,000 र 1,25,000
Additionally, a caution deposit of र 10,000 will have to be paid with first term fees which will be refunded, after adjustments for dues, when the student leaves the course.

An indicative fee break-up for two year course is as under:

  Harihar Pune
Tution Fees र 5,00,000 र 5,00,000
* Lodging & Boarding For Year-1 (2012-13) र 1,70,000 र 2,10,000
*Others (Includes Administrative activities, Infrastructure maintenance, Student subsidy for placement & Co-curricular activities, Support activities like alumni etc.) र 80,000 र 80,000
Total र 7,50,000 र 7,90,000
* Note: Lodging & Boarding and other components are subject to revision in Year-2 according to prevailing rate