Aditya Pathak

" My Journey at and after KIAMS has ben a rewarding one" - says Aditya Pathak, Alumnus "

KIAMS Alumnus, Aditya Pathak Offers Advice on Success

KIAMS alumnus Aditya Pathak is well on his way towards achieving his career goals. As the Assistant Vice-President (AVP) ‚Äď Private Wealth at Ladderup Wealth Management, he is responsible for investment advisory and financial planning. His journey from PGDM student to his current position has been a rewarding one. Aditya
"I joined Ladderup Wealth after my PGDM. It was a start-up and hardly a one-month old organisation. When I joined the organisation, it was a two-member team including me. Now, we are a team of more than 15 members. I have been in a role which has given me cross-functional expertise with a strong involvement in driving strategic parameters for the organisation. I've been associated with Ladderup Wealth Management for the last four-and-a-half years."
Aditya has a unique perspective, as he is firmly entrenched in the corporate world. This perspective positions him to be able to see the industry as a whole and what is needed to make it within this realm. "Looking at the current macroeconomic factors, things are very uncertain and gloomy. One thing is clear: be it recession or a boom period, there will always be demand for good resources. One has to look for the right opportunity."
Looking back, Aditya offers the following advice to students at KIAMS. "You don't have to be the most intelligent or academically brilliant to be successful; you have to be the most passionate about what you are doing. Being honest also really pays in the long run. Additionally, I strongly recommend, at a young age, to be willing to risk your career by taking up entrepreneurial practices."
These are lessons that Aditya has learned over the course of his academic and professional life. By using his own advice, he has managed to succeed, both in school and in life.