Anish Wadhwa

- Anish Wadhwa, Second Business Graduate from 2011-2013 batch of KIAMS to be placed

When Anish Wadhwa’s parent received a second call from her on the evening of 20th of August 2012, they were not surprised. After all, it was Anish’s birthday, and it was understandable if she was missing her parents more than usual on that day.

“I’ve got a placement!” Anish almost shouted into the phone. Her parents, ofcourse thought that she was upto one of her pranks. Anish had just begun her second year at KIAMS, and campus recruiters were not expected before November.

“No, no. It’s true! I’ve been placed with Odessa Technologies.” Anish then went on to relate the entire sequence of her surreal experience. Apparently, the US multi-national, Odessa Technologies, has its own set practices which required its India office in Bangalore to recruit much ahead of the usual recruiting season. They were looking for business graduates in Finance from top business schools of the country, for their software solutions for Finance companies; KIAMS was a natural choice for Odessa Technologies.

Time for preparation seemed short, but the beauty of the routine at KIAMS is that its student can appear for interviews without elaborate preparations – they already are prepared. Anish told her parents how she burnt the proverbial midnight oil to brush up her fundamentals, mock interview sessions and Group Discussions. By this time, her parents had stopped thinking of it as a joke.

“I had six rounds to clear; the first round was a group discussion, followed by a psychometric test, then a visual round and then three rounds of interviews. Four rounds took place on the campus itself, while the last two interviews took place in the Odessa office at Bangalore,” recollected Anish. The first interview at the Odessa office was taken by the Managing Director of the company, while the second was taken by the Head of Human Resources. “Both rounds were quite exhaustive and I was pretty stressed-out at the end of the day. Of all the days, they chose my birthday to tell me that I’ve cracked it!”

As the news sunk into her parents, their skepticism was replaced by excitement, and by the end of Anish’s narration, had turned into unbridled joy. Their daughter was the second person to be placed in her batch at KIAMS. Her annual package would be of Rs. 5 lakh. Her profile at Odessa Technologies will be that of a Functional Analyst dealing mainly with clients and their business processes. The job involves updating the software as per the client’s requirements, and hand-holding the client in understand how the software works.

Today, Anish looks visibly relaxed. “The Faculty support at KIAMS is very good. Even before the interview with Odessa, Faculty members helped us rehearse almost everything that was anticipated as a part of the interview. I still have six months to go before I pass-out of KIAMS, with not a fig to worry about,” she exults. “All I’m going to do is have a ball!”