Anuja Desai

‚ÄúWork profile should be the main consideration when deciding about the SIP‚ÄĚ
- Anuja Desai, Batch 15 at KIAMS

Anuja Desai, second year student at KIAMS, is back from her SIP with Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) Amul, Ahmadabad. During her 60 days of the SIP, Anuja got an insight into the workings of the FMCG sector, which depends heavily on organisation environment, distribution channels, supply chain, and sales and promotion techniques. Anuja was assigned a key responsibility to handle the new-product and development department. ‚ÄúWhen I joined, they were in the process of launching a new product. They entrusted me with the responsibility to handle post-to-launch activities and development of the product,‚ÄĚ says Anjua. Since she plans to pursue a career in marketing, this SIP exposure has really helped her hone her skills and learn many new tricks of the trade, as her work profile gave her an opportunity to interact with numerous departments and people related to the organisation.

Anuja has a piece of advice for her juniors. ‚ÄúBrand is important, but what is paramount is a profile-based SIP, which provides ample scope for work and marries well with one‚Äôs future area of work,‚ÄĚ suggests Anuja. She is from Ahmadabad, so she used her contacts to do her SIP from an institution that gave her tremendous exposure in the area of marketing and product launching.

Before joining KIAMS, Anjua was working with a valuation firm in Ahmadabad. But since her engineering college days, she always desired to study management. ‚ÄúI always wanted to get into a reputed B-school for my management studies. So, I kept preparing for the entrance examination while doing a full-time job,‚ÄĚ says Anuja. She had a few options to choose from, but she decided in favour of KIAMS. ‚ÄúBrand value, focus on academics, regular student-industry interaction and a strong recommendation from my senior really wiped out all other options,‚ÄĚ says Anuja.

Her senior‚Äôs advice to join KIAMS really helped her. Now that she herself is a senior, she wants to share a few details about her institution. ‚Äú The whole learning experience, campus and the visiting faculty here are the major strengths of KIAMS; believe me, all this makes a huge difference when you pass out ,‚ÄĚ advises Anuja.

After finishing her studies, she will soon be getting back to work. ‚ÄúThere is so much I have learned. Now, I feel that I am a new person, eager to show my talent to the world,‚ÄĚ says Anuja with a smile on her face.