Ashutosh Tiwary

Ashutosh Tiwary For as long as Ashutosh Tiwary can remember, he has always marveled at the abilities of those who could market or sell a product. By the end of his college days, Ashutosh had decided to convert this inclination towards marketing into a full-fledged management degree. He began scouting for the best B-school that would help him achieve his ambitions. While exploring his options, Ashutosh accidentally stumbled onto the KIAMS website, and what he saw clinched the deal for him.

"It was like a dream. What impressed me about KIAMS, were the facilities. The teacher-to-student ratio was fantastic. The hostel was as good as can possibly be, having been originally prepared for an executive MBA programme. To top it all, when I realised that the 'K' in KIAMS, stood for the Kirloskar brand, I knew this was the only B-school for me."

Today, Ashutosh Tiwary heads sales, as the Regional Business Manager with a business consulting firm. He attributes his rise in the corporate World completely to KIAMS.

"I had absolutely no work - ex before KIAMS. It didn't really matter. When you major in marketing from KIAMS, a practical approach to the theoretical knowledge is part of the deal. A lot of the marketing skills and strategies that I use even today, is what was taught by the faculty at KIAMS, especially Prof. Pai. The in-class learning at KIAMS was constantly bolstered by activities like summer internship and fests like 'Pragati' - a one of its kind rural festival organized at KIAMS. As part of the organizing team, we were under the tutelage of the statistics professor. He did have a name (Sandip Kayastha) but we often did not remember that because we simple knew him as 'Tiger'!

KIAMS was also the first time that Ashutosh has stepped out of the comfort of his home.

"It was very liberating… amazing. I could feel myself evolve as a being. I became more responsible in terms of maintaining my clothes and scheduling a proper time - table. I firmly believe that a hostel life is a must for everyone."

Ashutosh counts himself lucky to have figured out very early in life that market rules don't always follow the diktat of all that is written in the books.

"We had well - known corporate personalities over for guest lectures, who would give us a real - time picture of the corporate world. In hindsight, I realise that carrying all that theoretical knowledge alone wouldn't have worked for me. In one line, KIAMS stands for 'Unleash your potential'.

Ashutosh is a regular in his alma mater, even now, interacting with the current batches to allow them to benefit from his experience.

"These guys are very, very, very intelligent. But there is one aspect, which needs to be addressed. With the growth in stature of KIAMS, the students have grown in numbers. I get the feeling that the camaraderie that we enjoyed is not the same now between students. It is not just a personal requirement but a professional necessity. Corporate houses work in teams. Teams are assigned to each project. If you cannot get along with each other then it gets very difficult to complete the assigned tasks. Students at KIAMS need to work as teams and interact more between themselves."