Basharat Abbas


I joined KIAMS because of the Brand value and integrity of Kirloskar's.

What were the job profiles offered to you and how well prepared do you think you were to take on the roles?

I got couple of options but I decided to join Info Edge India ( The two years at KIAMS made me strong enough to take on any role in Marketing. Besides the great learning environment of KIAMS, the wonderful faculty, prayers of my parents and my passion for Marketing are factors helping me to do well in my field.

In what way has your academic experience at KIAMS helped you, professionally and personally? And do you think it helped you bag this plum job, why?

Trust me; it is a lifetime experience to graduate from KIAMS. The curriculum is perfectly designed as per the industry requirement accompanied by perfect environment and wonderful people. After my PGDM, I can sense a great change in myself; I am more determined and mature now. It helped me to be more confident in life and understand the value of "TIME". KIAMS Education is all about creating entrepreneurs; it has helped me to think beyond the boundaries.

Do you think in today's competitive world, it pays to do courses like the one you studied, why?

Definitely! KIAMS PGDM is a special course. This course is not just meant for the sake of management degree, the aim is to create the practitioners, the future managers. The education at KIAMS brings both horizontal and vertical change in your thinking, it makes you think BIG!

KIAMS education surely imparts in oneself the Calmness of GI, Subtle nature of Janaki, Research oriented approach of RNV, Professionalism of V. S. Pai, Attitude of BrandMan S. Anantram, Pragmatic approach of Sunil, Brisk nature of TV.

The faculty might change over the period of time but their effort, hardwork and experience remains in the System always! That is why KIAMS alumni are doing a wonderful job in the industry; I would love to thank these eminent personalities for the wonderful learning experience I had.

What do you think you said or did in your placement interview that set you apart?

It was the "determination to Win"! One of my Marketing faculties once said to me, "Basharat go for the Win and Win just for the sake of Winning, don't Win for any reward or return, Win for the taste of winning". And I just remembered this while giving my job interview and it made a big difference. This made me to be at my best!

Words of wisdom for the juniors:

Be what you are, don't try to imitate somebody else. Be as natural as you can!

What is the one singular/distinctive aspect that you think you brought to your job?


You studied Bio-technology during your under graduation. How do you link your present profession with the subject?

Biotechnology taught me innovation; it helped me to be a "ready man". I am always ready for any situation, and Marketing is all about being ready on your toes, being innovative and being different. It is about differentiating yourself from the crowd. It is all about creating a Brand out of you.

What do you think lies in store for you in the current economic times / trends?

I believe if you are confident, have self belief and know your field well; you will always have a great going. Economic times/trends don't matter much.

Which is your favorite quote and why? "Differentiate or Die, and it is not worth to die every single day! Better Differentiate."

Be different from the people around you. Do things differently, go for perfection rather than completion of the job at hand. Life is like a Brand, You need to keep evolving with time. You can't market yourself with the only one or two skills you possess; you need to add new ones to stay competitive. You need to create a mark or else you will not be able to justify your existence. Stop blaming and start doing.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from Day 1 at the job?

Definitely an entrepreneur!. An entrepreneur in Branding and Advertising Industry. I would love to introduce some new concepts in advertising for Indian Corporate mainly for SME's, so as to help the business reach the customers and thereby help the business grow! I have already started working on this business plan and definitely one day you will see me making headlines 'Insha Allah' !