Bhasker Raju

"I learnt three important things during my internship ‚Äď work ethics, discipline, and operational activity"
-Bhasker Raju, Batch-14, PGDM (Operations)


Bhasker Raju, a student of PGDM (Operations) at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies has just returned from a seven-week internship at Tata Motors, Jamshedpur. Bhasker can't stop beaming with pride and the sense of a job well done. During his internship, he was a team member of the internal Kaizen (Kai- zen is a Japanese word that means 'Development for Good') activity at Tata Motors.
The internship, a part of the KIAMS curriculum, proved very exciting for Bhasker since his profile mapped with his earlier experience with a manufacturing organisation. His first SIP activity was the implementation of Kaizen in assembly line 2. He was able to complete the task in three weeks to the full satisfaction of the concerned authorities.
He felt challenged by the lack of direction after the first three weeks, but soon found his way. Bhasker was keen to get some experience in Supply Chain management, since his core subject is Operations. He spent the rest of his internship in the Supply Chain department, where he was asked to design a template to automate the Share of Business for the Spring division. Being a computer science graduate, coding is Bhasker's strength and interest, and he leveraged it to the full to deliver his assignment. Once again, he had a project he enjoyed and completed with poise and confidence. He is extremely happy with the exposure that he received in terms of work as well as the people he met. "I interacted with lot of people; in fact, I seem to have seen about 90% of Tata Motors Limited!"
Seven weeks in an organization like Tata Motors equipped Bhasker with a lot of skills as well as learning in the Supply Chain field. Functional understanding apart, he is very clear about the lessons he has brought back with him. Putting it succinctly, he says, "The main things I learnt during my internship are: work ethics, discipline and operational activity."
He credits the KIAMS faculty for his successful internship at Tata Motors Limited. Bhasker believes that they are the ones who guided him towards fruitful culmination and meaningful learning. He also feels that his seniors and KIAMS alumni were helpful in pointing him towards projects that were aligned with his specialisation.
Bhasker, however, feels he was lucky to get this internship in his hometown. He does appreciate the difficulties students face staying away from homes during vacations, but that too is the kind of adult life Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies prepares young students for.