Bhavani Devi

"Summer Internship with HDFC bank has helped me realise my full potential" -Bhavani Devi, KIAMS Batch of 2011-13, Intern ‚Äď HDFC Bank

BhavaniDevo For Bhavani Devi, life has moved on the fast track ever since she made it to KIAMS. But the summer internship with HDFC bank has, by far, been the best thing that has happened to her so far.

My area of interest has always been Banking, and HDFC is one of my dream companies to work for. I got to know about the work culture, operations, and how targets are achieved in a bank. Can you believe it? I actually cracked 3 clients in a span of 7 weeks!" Bhavani, who's back at KIAMS, reports animatedly.

Bhavani's project was related to the evaluation and sourcing of working capital customers to HDFC Bank. The profile was a mix of that of a Relationship Manager and Credit Analyst.

"My role began with contacting a list of companies which had a turnover of Rs. 5 crores or more, and briefing them regarding the working capital facilities provided by HDFC. In case the client was interested in the working capital facilities, I had to fix an appointment. On the fixed date, I would then go with any of the RMs of HDFC and meet either the MD or the Finance Manager of the concerned company. Before this meeting, I had to gain information and work out the working capital limit of that company."

Post the meeting, Bhavani would collect the company's balance sheet, analyse it and prepare the company's financials accordingly. She was then required to prepare the final report called the CAM, in which all the details of the prospect company along with the financials are incorporated. This was then sent to the credit section for approval.

"Thanks go to my faculty mentor at KIAMS who always guided me throughout and my interest grew manifold in the entire process of sourcing of working capital."

Being a Chennai-girl, the cultural shift for Bhavani in Bangalore was fairly manageable. She managed a PG accommodation near her work place, meals included.

"I had a few friends from KIAMS in Bangalore. Despite our office timings, we still managed to go out a couple of times. Apart from the professional gains, I've learnt how to manage time in this 2-month internship. I've now understood the importance of immaculate documentation."

Bhavani enjoyed analysis and studying companies so much at HDFC Bank that she is aiming to further her career in this direction. She feels that this is where her specialisation in Finance and Marketing will be of optimum use. She is positive that the KIAMS advantage will help her crack such a profile once she passes out of KIAMS.