Mallika Ratnam

"The key to success lies in making one's own inquiries and coming to one's own conclusions"- says KIAMS Alumnus, Mallika Ratnam "

To reach high in life, don't just walk the beaten path ‚Äď carve out your own, advises KIAMS alumna Mallika Ratnam

Mallika RatnamSummary : Mallika Ratnam passed out of KIAMS a decade ago, and in those years, has built a truly satisfying professional and personal life. She advises KIAMS students to make the best of their projects and immerse themselves in their assignments by doing practical work, rather than depending heavily on internet.
Striking a work‚Äďlife balance is not easy in the world of business today. But, Mallika Ratnam seems to have learnt how to have her cake and eat it too. You can't help but feel a little envious of this alumna of KIAMS when you hear her say, "I like my job, my family and my lifestyle". When it comes to her professional life, in the last ten years she has held many important positions and successfully ventured out with her own business. At present, she is a partner in Pioneer Marketing, a firm based out of Bangalore. "We are into diversified businesses - retail, distribution and food retail. I handle ITC distribution for the modern retail business. My husband is one of the partners in the company and I decided to join him three years back," says Mallika.

After passing out from KIAMS a decade ago, Mallika got placed with CEAT. She wanted to get into HR, but she was offered marketing, and was soon involved in selling tyres. This proved to be a blessing in disguise and she managed to make the most of the opportunity. "I was the first woman recruited by the company in the tyres division and I happened to be the second woman ever in the industry. My training with CEAT really made me tough and I learned to handle extremely difficult situations," says Mallika. Now she enjoys marketing and does really well at it too.

Mallika is in regular touch with KIAMS, and advises every student to make efforts to find the answers to problems themselves, rather than depending on the internet to gather information. "If you are doing a project on retail, a good idea will be to go out and meet people in the retail sector, understand the present trends and the problems faced by this sector. Research from the internet is secondary in nature and many times is not updated. Readymade answers and solutions don't give you the edge to beat the competition. Correct information is revealed when you go out, make inquiries and get the feel of the situation on the ground," advises Mallika.

Mallika Ratnam admits that the modern world has many pressures, especially when it comes to finding a a good job, but she believes that the real struggle begins after that. "You have to constantly prove your worth and make a positive difference to the organisation. The key to success lies in making one's own inquiries and coming to one's own conclusions," concludes Mallika.