Our Vision and Values

S L Kirloskar Rahul Kirloskar
The Visionary
Late Mr. S. L. Kirloskar
The President
Mr. Rahul Kirloskar

Our Vision
The institute works towards providing a center of learning that excels in management education, research, training and consultancy. KIAMS aims at encouraging the individual to explore the potential that he/she wishes to convert into professional performance.
The belief at KIAMS is that every individual is different and the worth of one's potential cannot be measured on scale but can be judged by his/her knowledge of areas of strengths and weaknesses. We practice this very tenet into selecting and grooming our students. Each individual at KIAMS is picked on the basis of his/her latent capabilities and is given opportunities to nurture the same and to find a niche in the competitive corporate world.

KIAMS believes

  • To undertake only those activities where there is a potential to excel
  • To work with trust and transparency while eschewing indiscretion
  • To operate collective decision-making and collective responsibility
  • To institutionalize the processes that leads to academic excellence
  • To Teach To Think
  • To value the "good" in ourselves, while saluting the "better" in others
  • To nurture self-worth in all our members and use it to drive performance
Our Values "Education through Values", is the motto of KIAMS. Whether the values are imparted to the students through the eminent faculty during the academic classes or while grooming of future managers during the course of their stay at KIAMS, corporate morals and ethics are imbibed by the young minds at every stage. The values imparted at KIAMS can also be attributed to the fact that the institute has an association with the business house of Kirloskar, which has been in the industry for over a century and has build a name for itself, thus, making the future managers aware of what to do at their work place.