Piyush Kumar

" Kumar Credits KIAMS For Career Success "
Piyush Kumar Piyush Kumar Agarwal is an alumnus of the Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) and is currently building a solid career in marketing. Piyush believes his corporate success can be directly attributed to the foundation that was built during his two years at KIAMS.

Piyush is a senior manager in the Business Strategy and Group Office for Cummins India Limited, Pune. Given the fact that markets around the world are struggling, Piyush's ascent to his current position amidst this tough economic times can be seen as unique. Piyush, however, cites KIAMS for his success. "When faced with trying times, education and training comes in handy. This helps one to navigate through the impossible terrains, and for me, the foundation laid down at KIAMS is helping me to stand straight and brave the storm."

Piyush is quick to credit the curriculum at KIAMS and the campus activities for transforming students into confident and enthusiastic leaders. "Apart from the grading system and the excellent curriculum, we also participated in quizzes, seminars and cultural activities. This helped to improve my presentation skills and boosted my confidence level which is the hallmark of the marketing profession."

When Piyush decided to pursue an MBA, he had many options available but was not happy with the student-teacher ratios in most of the business schools. "Apart from many other factors, Kirloskar group's reputation and limited student intake really tilted the balance in favor of KIAMS." After graduating from KIAMS, Piyush was placed with ICICI and worked there for nearly four years, sharpening his marketing skills acquired at KIAMS. It was then that Piyush moved to Cummins.

For those who are graduating from KIAMS, Piyush has the following advice: "Automobiles and FMCG sectors hold good prospects in the current scenario, so students should surely explore these sectors."

Piyush is a proud alumnus of KIAMS and stays in touch with his batch - mates, seniors and juniors. "I have been regularly attending Samanvaya and alumni meetings at the campus and always try to not miss any important events. You should not get far from your roots. If you have to go, return to your roots at least once or twice a year."