KIAMS will help me hone my leadership skills"
- Priyojit , KIAMS batch 15

An entrepreneur at heart, Priyojit joined Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) after acquiring a B.Tech in computer science. He belongs to Kolkata and worked for six months after his graduation. During this period he realised that even though he had acquired functional skills in his field, he lacked leadership and management skills that were imperative for his career growth. He also wanted to move out of Kolkata to experience a different work environment and culture.

At the behest of his friends, he explored the possibility of joining KIAMS. Two things helped him make the decision to sign up for the institute. The first factor was the good reputation the college enjoyed and the second was his personal interview conducted by the faculty at KIAMS. As Priyojit recalls, "My interview session conducted by Dr. Gopal Iyengar was very interactive and friendly, and it convinced me that I would be happy learning at this institute".

Priyojit is getting used to the hectic life of a management student now. In comparison to easy-paced day of orientation where the new students were encouraged to get to know their seniors, the session in full swing is hectic for fresh students and they take time getting used to it. "The Orientation was very exciting; in fact, it was very easy compared to the time we are spending on studies now! The initial days were very relaxed but now, we are spending most of the time attending the classes, sleeping and simply getting the work done", says a Priyojit with a rueful smile.

The course at KIAMS equips a student with management skills and hones their leadership competencies, a fact that Priyojit recognizes. "Once I pass out, I will look for a job and in five years or so, I want to stabilise myself. After that I want to be an entrepreneur, which really is my dream and goal."