Sakshi Vats

“It feels good to be the first student to be placed” - Sakshi Vats, 2nd year KIAMS student

Students at the Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) are winners in every way. Sakshi Vats, a second year PGDM (Finance and Marketing) student from batch 14, is one such distinguished student of the renowned institute as she has been selected by US-based Odessa Technologies; which provides software solutions for finance companies and has an office in Bangalore. “As I am the first person to be placed in the campus, I am visibly relaxed and feel very good,” says Sakshi, who has been appointed as a functional analyst with a pay package of Rs. 5 lakh per annum.

Sakshi’s role as a functional analyst entails responsibilities for which she has been well prepared at KIAMS. “I will be providing possible lease solutions to clients. This requires an accounting and finance background, for which I am ably equipped,” says Sakshi on her role at Odessa Technology. On how she will cope with this new chapter in her life, she says, “I have few friends in Bangalore, which should help me settle down fast.” Not surprisingly, Sakshi’s parents are quite happy with this placement; they over the moon and in her father’s words “proud of her.”

Having completed her graduation in Commerce from Patna, Sakshi had to make a choice between M. Com and MBA. She chose the latter, because she felt it would teach her about management in the true sense such as risk management in finance and marketing. On why she selected KIAMS as an institute for MBA, Sakshi says, “I chose KIAMS because the course curriculum and the faculty are great.” Her advice to juniors is to be confident, have clear concepts and be truthful.

As a memorable time at KIAMS will draw to a close soon, how does Sakshi feel now that she is only a few months from graduating? “I am glad that I have been able to fulfil my dream of becoming an MBA graduate. The second thing is that my college life will come to an end soon and work will be my steady focus. So now that I have now only six to eight months in hand, I will make sure I live them completely and make the most of them,” says Sakshi, who is looking forward to her new role as a functional analyst at Odessa Technology.