Shailendra Chaturvedi

- Shailendra Chaturvedi, 2nd Year ‚Äď KIAMS

(Shailendra Interned with SSIPL Retail Limited, where he was a Store Manager prior to joining KIAMS for a PGDM)

Shailendra Chaturvedi is more receptive to what KIAMS has to offer than a usual management student. Before joining KIAMS, Shailendra had been a store manager in Delhi for SSIPL Retail Limited ‚Äď a licensee of NIKE in India ‚Äď for four years. He knows the heat and merciless grind of a metropolis, where you are ceaselessly on the roll, with no time to stop and stare.

‚ÄúMore than anything else, KIAMS has given me the time to think ‚Äďabout everything. The docile climate of Harihar is like a soothing balm for frayed nerves. I will miss the lovely weather of this place the most when I pass out next year.‚ÄĚ

Having worked in an intense sales profile ‚Äď and having loved it ‚Äď Shailendra is currently pursuing a Major in Marketing and Operations at KIAMS. In fact, he has just got back to KIAMS after an internship with the same firm, SSIPL, where he was a Manager until a couple of years ago!

‚ÄúMy internship only strengthened my belief that I chose to pursue my management at just the right time. Beyond a certain point, your corporate career can only grow so much, unless you equip yourself with the right kind of knowledge. Moreover, a business education from a B-school of the stature of KIAMS widens your canvas.‚ÄĚ

Shailendra’s SIP involved a factor analysis of the sales of the NIKE eyewear, and NIKE equipment. The sales had consistently been dipping and he was asked to discover the root cause of this. The management was especially concerned about it being an internal problem.

‚ÄúSince I already knew the system inside-out, I devised a method of ‚Äėmystery shopping‚Äô. By the end of my SIP, I was able to provide the quantitative data and analysis to the management; mainly that their concerns were well placed. The problem was very much internal. Various issues like time gap in attending to waiting customers, improper stacking of inventory and inventory lying on the floor were some of the issues which I was able to trace with certain regularity. All the while, I could not help but think that had I still been a store manager, I would only be thinking about the functioning of my store. Thanks to KIAMS, I was now seeing a top-down view of management.‚ÄĚ

Shailendra recollects how he was able to get a fairly good percentage in his MBA entrance examination, which helped him get into quite a few great B-schools. His Sales profile did the trick during GDs and interviews.

‚ÄúIn fact, I discussed my best options in B-schools with my seniors at the workplace, some of my good friends and even at the training institute which had prepared me for the MBA entrances. All of them were unanimous in declaring KIAMS a cut above the rest.‚ÄĚ

He advises his juniors at KIAMS to take the theory portion of the course seriously. He believes that despite his years of experience as a Salesman, he could not have carried the kind of assignment he did for his SIP, had it not been for the wisdom passed on to him in the classroom at KIAMS.