Sujith Sugathan

Taking the unbeaten track from KIAMS : Sujith Sugathan, Art Director, 'The Circle'
Sujith Sugathan Sujith Sugathan is one of those alumni of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies who actually prove that KIAMS lives by its credo 'Teach to Think'.

"What I did at KIAMS has nothing to do with what I'm doing now. I did start out with Client Servicing at McCann Erickson. For that part KIAMS certainly helped me, because it was a management job. But two years down the line, I shifted into their creative team, and a year down the line, I joined a smaller agency called 'The Circle'.

An Electronics and Communication Engineer Sujith came to Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies with no formal work experience.

"What was particularly great about KIAMS was the in-campus interaction with the students and professors… as well as the experience gained through the rural marketing festival, summer projects, capstone exercise. In fact, summer projects, where we really gain hands-on experience needs to be looked at very seriously. It is probably the first chance that one gets to experience the functioning of an organisation. Moreover, the project is definitely something that gives you a lot to talk about during interviews. The edge in an interview, is how much you try to communicate about yourself in a given time, because the interviewer may also be looking beyond the marks card. So the more you try to learn and experience during the summer project and Capstone, the better".

Despite being an Art Director- a seemingly non-management profile - B - school learning has definitely helped.

"What most of the creative people fail to understand is the business side of things - the 'money science,' and what happens behind the scenes. Having an MBA from KIAMS comes very handy… it definitely gives you an edge. At the end of the day what matters is what you are happy doing. I wouldn't have been very happy making Power-point presentations and looking at sales figures. When I shifted, after 4 years of Engineering, 2 years of MBA and then 2 years of pursuing the beaten path… it was a bit of a risk. But I'm happy about it."

As an Art Director, his job is to take care of the visual composition - be it for an advertisement, or in any piece of communication. "We don't work on obvious 9 - 6 timings… it can spill over. But you've got to be smart enough to manage time. Delegation and prioritisation of jobs is required… so that you don't take too much of the work, home and burn out on the long run. It is when office pressure kicks in that you thank every professor at KIAMS for all those back-to-back project deadlines. We cribbed then, but now I'm really glad it happened. In my line of work, even the things that you do outside of work help. Anything can be of inspiration. So the work-life balance is really important. "

Despite the fact that he has not been able to visit the Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies since passing out, Sujith feels a very strong kinship with KIAMS and has kept in touch with almost all of his batch-mates.

"KIAMS is pretty good. It shapes you up quite nicely,much because of the kind of faculty you have out there. They treat you like professionals and give you the kind of freedom that you require. It is definitely one of those institutes that shape you even beyond academics. It imbibes the right kind of work attitude in you, and trusts me, that do take you a long way. One should definitely try and participate in inter college festivals and event. After all an MBA is more about inter-personal skills and people management than about A's and A+s.

There is enough and more opportunity for you to learn and experience. KIAMS is a very, very mature institute."