T. Viswanathan

" The Real Growth Potential Lies in SMEs," Reveals T. Viswanathan, Professor of Finance - KIAMS

BhavaniDevo With a Bsc. Degree in Physics followed by a Masters in Finance and Control, Professor T. Viswanathan has developed a keen interest in the areas of corporate finance, financial derivatives, international finance and security analysis and portfolio management. He has been an active member of the Association of Economists and has spent the last seven years as an academician at KIAMS.

Professor Viswanathan easily reveals his expertise in the financial sector. Speaking on growth opportunities for MBA students in the field of corporate finance, he has this to say: "I foresee opportunities in the areas of banking, insurance, risk management and investment advisory services. The opening of the Indian economy has given a plethora of growth opportunities to various small and medium enterprises. Few such companies are not very well known to the students, but they have tremendous growth potential and excellent management systems. Students who have the urge to turn around the growth of such companies and hoping to build from scratch can look for career opportunities in such companies."

When speaking of how the face of mergers and acquisitions has changed in recent times, Professor Viswanathan states, "In this world of competition, it is essential for companies to merge to take advantage of complementary resources. Gone are the days when Indian companies were solely acquired by foreign companies. Now, we see many Indian companies, including some medium enterprises, going on a shopping spree to acquire foreign companies. For example, the acquisition of the steel company, Corus, and the automobile company, Jaguar, by Tata.

Professor Viswanathan is extremely passionate about the finance sector as well as his teaching career and the continued growth of his students. He urges the students at KIAMS towards skill acquisition to build sustainable and progressive careers. "Today our country has a great advantage, i.e., pertaining to the demographic dividend. India is going to have a larger work force population, in the future, amongst several countries. While it is expected to increase the productivity level, the industry feels there is a huge gap between the expected skills and the actual skills, which the students must energize through academics. The students must then equip themselves to acquire the skills expected by the industry."

Professor Viswanathan believes that there are no shortcuts to life. And even if one comes across one, taking the easier way is not going to get you anywhere. His motto is: No gain without pain.