Vikas Kharb

"I see a bright future ahead after I complete my education from KIAMS."
- - Vikas Kharb, Batch 14, PGDM

Vikas Kharb has just returned from an exhaustive internship of two months which he undertook at Britannia Industries. He was one among 4 other interns who were from different colleges. Vikas feels that the experience and understanding of the consumer space that he has gained is simply unparalleled.

‚ÄúI was lucky to do my internship in the national capital of India. It certainly does boast of a population that is most varied in its consumption patterns, as well as hails from all the parts of the country. And what helps me be further at my ease when approaching people and dealers is that Delhi also happens to be my home-town.‚ÄĚ

Naturally inclined in that direction, Vikas chose Marketing as his specialisation and wanted to contribute to the Branding domain at Britannia. But in a company that has had retail presence all over the country for such a long time, it was imperative for him to have a deep, grass-roots understanding of the system. Talking about his role and profile at Britannia, Vikas enumerates, ‚ÄúI was entrusted with mapping the sales and distribution channels and digging out insights at the Britannia outlets across Delhi; that would help in increasing the numeric distribution of Britannia‚Äôs products. It was definitely a stepping stone towards the knowledge required while dealing with branding and I was thoroughly satisfied.‚ÄĚ

Talking about his learning experiences at the all-encompassing 2-month internship at Britannia, he says, ‚ÄúI observed the difference between theoretical knowledge being imparted at colleges and the actual working environment in the organisation. I learned the intricacies involved in the whole process of generating sales. And most of all, the importance of getting the information that the sales force has learned from the market back to the organization.‚ÄĚ

Talking about the challenges he faced on the field, Vikas states that the most difficult thing is to get responses from the retailers - which he personally managed to get in plenty.

Upon being asked about the most enjoyable experience he has had while working hard on his internship project, he says, ‚ÄúI enjoyed working with the sales team and helping create a beat plan for the uncovered outlets that I found during the project. And this was in the presence of the area sales manager, distributors and the sales officer.‚ÄĚ

And last but not least, Vikas acknowledges that a lot of the credit for his successful internship at Britannia Industries goes to the knowledge that he gained at KIAMS. ‚ÄúThe teachers never say no to any amount of help that we have asked for. Their undying support backed by the best in the industry-knowledge pool was inspiring and directed towards my preparation for the internship. I see a bright future ahead after I complete my education from KIAMS.‚ÄĚ