Vineesh C N

"The Present Moment is Inevitable Crack It And Then Move Ahead!" - Vineesh C.N. , Team Lead, Infosys Batch 8 (2007)
Vineesh C N A Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies alumnus from the 8th Batch, Vineesh is refreshingly happy-go-lucky, despite the fact that he is a Team-Lead who provides critical research insights to the Infosys leadership. With flexi-working hours, and no typical day-of-work, Vineesh makes working at Infosys sound like fun. Probe deeper and you realize that as a Consultant, he has to clock a quarterly average of 9 hours, 15 minutes per-day. It could be a normal 'enter office, check on calendar, plan meetings and assign tasks' schedule, or round-the-clock crisis management situation.

For Vineesh, Infosys was a campus placement at KIAMS. "Really, I have no idea how I cracked it. I just went for the interview and it naturally happened!" He attributes his chilled-out-yet-methodic approach to Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies.

"The most important skills that I acquired at KIAMS were Time Management and the ability to prioritize and focus. I specifically enjoyed the strategy classes, where the most inspiring situations and things happened. In fact, all the learning that I'm using… all the managerial skills… I learnt them at these strategy sessions in KIAMS. You see, if you are only learning things from books, you'll never understand. Only when you start working, will you start correlating the theory and practice. Then, you will naturally adopt the change and internalize. That is what happened to me at Infosys."

Vineesh attributes his ability to see the fun and enjoyable side of work to the Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, as well. "We had organized a rural marketing fair at KIAMS called 'Pragati'. Most of the students were involved with it. I was a part of the promotion team, and we had promoted the event at all levels. The fun part was going down to the streets of Harihar and Davangere, and putting up posters on every street and wall. There was a lot of laughing and shouting! That was probably the best part of being in KIAMS… we never lost out on seeing the fun-side of every class, every day and every event."

Vineesh strongly advocates the 'never-lose-the-big-picture' approach, to the current batches of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies. "Don't be very particular about specializing in a specific stream. Management students at KIAMS should have an integrated feel ‚Äď they have to be flexible enough to learn everything within the management spectrum. For example, if you are focusing on Finance at KIAMS, you should also get the overall managerial picture including Marketing, Strategy etc. Specialization is not the buzz-word in the current times."

No wonder therefore, that Vineesh speaks about seamlessly moving into a bigger and more exciting role. "For the next 5 years I want to build a career in the Consulting space, and then I'll be looking for opportunities on the Sales front. You see, the Sales team brings in the business, and the Consulting team conveys the idea of that business to the Delivery team. So Consulting is an intermediary, but you get to know the delivery stream ‚Äď the people working on the ground. From there you can go onto an increasing role, that is ‚Äď direct interaction with the client‚Ķ which is more exciting! Down-the-line, after that‚Ķ I will start my own venture."

"My mantra is that the present moment is inevitable. Just crack it, and move on to the next step. Don't plan too much."

Clearly, Vineesh is a perfect example of the 'Teach to Think' credo of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies.