Message from the Director


Greetings! I am happy to note your interest in KIAMS. It is indeed my pleasure to make a brief introduction here, a preview of what you will see in detail in the other pages.

KIAMS was founded by a great industrial house, the Kirloskars. It started as an Institute to conduct MDP before considering moving into full-time education. In line with their philosophy and outlook, we adopt the ruling paradigm of "Education through Values". There are three domains where Value is seen in action: Beliefs, Processes and Results.

Our Beliefs hold that everyone has a potential and worth, which cannot be measured on a common scale. And that there is ample room for everyone in the field of Management. Thus each individual has a potential which can find a niche in Management. If you are not the CAT whiskers in quantitative methods, you can empathise your way to the pinnacle of HR. Translated into action, our selection process will look at the student holistically. If s/he reveals some potential that can be deployed in the vast area of management, s/he is welcome to the KIAMS education process.

Our Processes will aim beyond delivering good education. The invitation to the student is to master theory but eschew being theoretical. The individual is encouraged to explore with a sense of responsibility to find the potential that s/he wishes to convert to professional performance. The thinker is as valued as a doer; art co-exists with science. Our association with the industrial house of Kirloskars will facilitate an easy two-way osmosis between concept and application. Our processes would also weed out those who may have misguidedly chosen the path of Management. What would emerge at the end of a two-year process is an eclectic bouquet with each flower having its own valuable fragrance.

The Results are seen in the good track record of MDPs which we have been conducting for many years. Our original contribution in training industry for Process Orientation - the future of industry structure - has been acknowledged by the Kirloskar Group. Soon it will spread to other companies also. In full time PGDM this will be seen in placements

KIAMS will bring many innovation in full-time PGDM education. To name a few:
  • Introduction of the Balanced Growth Card, a holistic evaluation of the student which focuses not only on performance outcomes but also on demonstrated effort and underlying competencies. It is an assistance tool that surfaces the underpinnings of performance, thereby helping the student to take informed decisions for corrective actions towards specific performance. The variables chosen have a career-orientation
  • Introduction of seminar credits: for bringing to the student the latest industrial practices in management, delivered by industry practitioners
  • Experiential Learning both in outbound exercises as well as during curriculum delivery
  • A process of reflection after every major event so as to learn from mistakes and correct the processes in the next cycle (akin to PDCA)
  • Adopting the CII-EXIM Business Excellence model as the vehicle to drive academic excellence.

Our PGDM campuses will operate in both Harihar and Pune. Our MDP and Consulting activity will be as strong as ever. We are happy to be one of the partners of the K-Group in their fast tracker program, and with India Adecco for their Leadership program. After the successful completion of our overseas consulting with Abdullah Hashim Co. Ltd. (Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), we are now carrying out executive coaching for a Saudi Arabian businessman.

These and many more interesting facets of KIAMS will unfold before you as you go through the other pages on our site.

I thank you for your interest in KIAMS and wish you a happy journey through our portals.

Gopal Iyengar