Operacy is the Annual Management Inter Collegiate event that is conducted by the students of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies. It is a platform for the young budding professionals to experience the glimpse of real corporate world facilitated by the plethora of challenges, instilling and infusing confidence and giving a grounding to channelize their energies and mental faculties in the pursuit of excellence and learning. It also enables the interaction between the students and the industry connoisseurs, fuelling up the process of learning and expertise.

Over the successful journey of more than a decade, Operacy has metamorphosed from a paper writing competition to a national business festival where burgeoning talents from all over India come together and experience the quintessential ambience of business learning, competence and excellence. Operacy, is the most sought after business competitions, by the most coveted institutions across the nation.

Pragati (Rural Marketing Fair) PRAGATI, the annual marketing fair organised entirely by the students of KIAMS, provides a unique opportunity for the corporate houses to introduce, promote and sell their products, brands and services. It is the only mega rural commercial event of its kind held in this part of Karnataka.

Through Pragati students hone their Event Management Skills create a Rural Database which provides companies with information regarding levels of consumer awareness and the trends in rural Karnataka Learn people management skill, financing the event through sponsorship and even crisis management.

Kalasanchay (Cultural Committee) "Kalasanchay", the cultural arm of KIAMS, provides the platform for demonstration of talents outside the classroom.


  • Aims at the all round development of a student personality by giving them a platform to exhibit their talents
  • Holds cultural programmes which is attended by members of the institute as well as local invitees
  • Celebrates major festivals from all over India to bring the students closer to one another and learn to appreciate different cultures
Ashwamedha (Sports Committee) Ashwamedha the KIAMS sports committee has a very important role to play in the holistic development of a student personality. It does this by:
  • Involving students in different games and activities to enhance the joy of work
  • Organising a grand end of the year sports competition for both batches
  • Organising welcome trips to tourist locations close to Harihar during term breaks