The Chankya

"Chanakya, the legendary Indian strategist, worked with determination and unity of purpose to dethrone the tyrannical Nanda dyanasty, and established the Maurya dynasty. Chanakya is the personification of statesmanship, political craft, spirit of adventure and unyielding perseverance. The "Chanakya" of KIAMS brings a palette of assorted readings on various contemporary management issues and general topics, issue after issue."
Editorial Team

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  • Ms. Ekta Maheshwari
  • Mr. Siddhartha S Modukuri
  • Ms. Tulika Raj
  • Mr. Manindar Kumar Nayak
  • Ms. Bhaswati Chakraborty
  • Mr. Saurabh Jadhav
  • Mr. Bharathwaj S
  • Ms. Pulkit Tiwari
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